Michelle-Price-Johnson-Leading-at-life-leadershipJust like you I am an earthling in pursuit of living a life filled with purpose. My goal with Leading at Life is to help real people succeed at leading and inspiring others. If you need confidence to step into a new leadership role, want new strategies to improve performance as a seasoned leader, or just want better team building skills for your local community group I am here to help. Great leaders are great people making great communities. My hope is to provide aspirational content to help you motivate positive change in your areas of influence and to have fun meeting great people while we do it!

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My name is Michelle Price Johnson and I waffled between being called a natural leader and a bossy girl, most of my teenage years.  It wasn’t until my first job did I get positive feedback for wanting to have everything in order, and always trying to reach the highest goal set. My college professor had me do a Myers Briggs test and I came out as ENTJ.  If any of you are familiar with this test of your personality preferences, you know that is the Klingon of personality traits.  But, it also showed me that I had a personality that was made for leadership.  I was in the company of other great leaders like Margaret Thatcher, Bill Gates, even Charlize Theron and George Clooney (cool right???).  Understanding that it was ok to lead, helped me get a handle on how to lead. Better yet, getting people to want to follow me, instead of dragging them into what I thought was best.  In essence I learned to sell not tell.  This is a very important note for later.

For several years I’ve worked in broadcasting across the US and in Canada, both on air and in management. I also have a busy consulting practice that helps organizations hone their strategic leadership success.  I am an avid learner and have a Masters in Organizational Leadership and am currently finishing up research for a PhD in Management with an Organizational Leadership focus.  If you really, really, really need the details, here’s my bio.

More importantly, I am a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, life group leader, photography hobbyist and lover of action movies. I was born in GA, lived all over the place with work and currently call Nashville,TN  home. I believe that life without faith is life without purpose.  Chocolate from time to time is important too!

I look forward to sharing in your journey.


For business inquires please email me at: michelle@leadingatlife.com

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