Want an amazing mini-course to help boost your confidence? Want to increase your sizzle when meeting with your boss, new clients, prospects, job interviewers, friends and the potential someone special?

Of course you do!

CAMP CRUSH IT! does that – and so much more.

Boost your self-value to overcome doubt.

Increase your promotion-ability by being able to know and communicate your worth.

Supercharge your confidence with support from a group of people who have been where you are, and are rocking at life!


What is it?  CAMP CRUSH IT is  5-day bootcamp that has helped so many people just like you, to boost confidence and crush doubt.

  • 5 lessons will be sent to your inbox. Some will be video, some written but all are inspiring.
  • You will also get fun challenges that will keep you pumped through your day to remind you of how amazing you are.
  • You also gain access to my Facebook group, They Leading at Life Group™ where you’re free to pick my brain, get feedback, or simply enjoy the fellowship of other amazing people who are boosting “life enjoyment factor”.


This course is pre-recorded and self-paced so you may do it in your own time, in your own way. Your purchase grants you lifetime access to the course along with any updates.


You get quick and simple tasks to build your confidence and help change that self-doubt loop in your brain. 

Doubt and fear can slow the progress of a bullied teenager as well as an accomplished CEO. The hard part is retraining your brain NOT to believe the negative thought loop replaying in your mind and to replace it with things that motivate you! With some people, those doubts last longer and can keep you from living the great life that you should have.

We give you the tools and tips to help “retrain your brain” to think more confidently!


The Happy, Confident, Fun-loving, Successful You is in there… let’s unlock the door! This course can show you how! 


Sign Up for CampCrushit Today! 


A few testimonies from people who were just like you!

“it was only 5 days, but by the 2nd morning I realized I was excited to get the email to start my day”

“I just needed a boost to get my courage up for my next promotion.  The funny and thoughtful emails reminded me that I can do whatever I focus myself on doing”

“My brother sometimes gets bullied at school. I saw this on Pintrest and signed him up.  I forgot about it until he came in one morning with the biggest smile. He said was getting rid of his “fear face” from day 3 of the course. By the end of breakfast we all were grinning.”

“This was the BEST! I used to hate speaking in front of people, but the exercise where we wrote a quote and actually posted it made me feel so accomplished….”

By this time next week you will be able to CRUSH IT! What will Your Testimony be?

Still not convinced? You’re not here by accident. In only 5-days, add new thoughts to overpower the doubts in your brain!

Wouldn’t you rather walk through the world in confidence than be stuck missing out on doing what you love?

Don’t you want to do more and doubt less? You know you’re meant for something bigger and better!

(You know this, otherwise you wouldn’t have made it this far down this page.) Let’s CrushIt!