First Three Steps

Every dream, goal, and great exploit begins by taking the first step.

In order to do what you love, you have to know what you love to do!  That would seem simple, but many adults lose track of what they love doing, because they have to learn to like what they do to make a living.

The next three steps will open your eyes and give you a clear path to your life’s success.  You can do it! – Michelle

STEP 1 – Discover How You Think

This first step is all about understanding what makes you tick. If you are in HR or Psychology, you are familiar with the Myers Briggs Personality Assessment.

I have used it in working with clients to unlock the strengths of their teams and for hiring assessments.  16Personalities has a great free version that is amazingly accurate.

Click the link to take the assessment.–>  16Personalities Assessment 

Also, make sure to join the  Leading at Life FB Group. You can find out my score, and share yours!


Step 2 – Do You Quit Too Soon?

Watch this video and think about this…  Did you quit before you got to your “end zone”?

Many times we can give up, seconds away from our breakthrough.  Today’s lesson is learning to persevere even when you really want to quit.  I believe you can achieve whatever you were created to do, but you have to believe it and commit yourself to staying the course.

Question: If you had a coach who kept you motivated to reach your goals, do you think you would reach them?


Step 3 – Take Action –  Ready to start Producing and Prospering from your Purpose?  What you do today can set up success for your future and your family’s future.  Check out the video below and start your amazing journey today!

These 3 simple steps, can get you moving towards the path of living life, doing what you love.

Join me!

– Michelle